Cocker Fennessy is a regional public affairs firm headquartered in Seattle WA that provides strategic communications services to major companies.

About Us

Cocker Fennessy, Inc., is different from other public affairs firms.  Sure, we provide similar services – we give strategic advice, conduct research, develop and implement communications plans, and produce supporting materials.

But we’re small by choice – with hands-on principals and seasoned staff.  We know what makes this state tick.  We’re driven by values.  We choose to take on projects that are complicated and challenging, yet important to progress in the Pacific Northwest.  We choose clients who are trying to do good things, and avoid clients who are trying to block something.  We are respectful and positive, but unafraid to tell clients when we think they are wrong.  We love politics, but we don’t take candidate campaigns on as clients.

Our clients include businesses, non-profit organizations, universities, and local and state government agencies. We are involved in transportation, tribal issues, science and culture, conservation, higher education, land use, energy, health care, biotechnology, maritime, telecommunications, and environmental issues.

What separates us from the others?

  • We’re focused, competitive and ethical.  
  • We’re strategic.  Lots of firms can produce a grab-bag of tactics, but few truly understand strategy.  
  • We know that effective communication strategies must be simple and clear, goal-oriented and research driven.  
  • Our principals are involved in every client project and they are available when you need them.
  • We are involved in many of the major issues of the day, and we know the key decision-makers and what matters to them.

Our Team